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Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon - A120

Updated: May 23

Country: USA

Region: Kentucky

Type: Bourbon

Bottler: Distiller

ABV: 61.6%

Age Statement: NAS

Score: 91

Larceny is a brand out of the Heaven Hill Distillery. The idea of Larceny Barrel Proof is a similar concept to Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, which is also from Heaven Hill Distillery. It will be released three times a year (A1XX, B5XX, C9XX).

Larceny Barrel Proof A120 comes in at 123.2 proof (61.6% ABV). It is non-age stated, although it is believed to be a blend of 6-8 year bourbon. This is a "wheated bourbon" meaning wheat is used in the mash bill instead of the usual rye component. The mash bill of this bourbon is 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% malted barley.

I immediately get toffee on the nose. It reminds me of French toast before you put the cinnamon and syrup on it. On the palate, I get notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, sweet oak, and thick caramel. The thick caramel note almost reminds me of the caramel you get with an apple on a stick. It then goes into a medium finish that brings out a slight chocolate note, reminding me of a chocolate donut. The oak is definitely still present but continues to add to the experience instead of overpowering.

This was an interesting take on Larceny. I definitely enjoy the higher proof. This was the first batch in the lineup, so I am curious to see where Heaven Hill goes from here. With this being new to the lineup and is not as common, I'd recommend trying it first before deciding to buy. Cheers!

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