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Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon

Updated: May 23

Country: USA

Region: Kentucky

Type: Bourbon

Bottler: Distiller

ABV: 53.5%

Age Statement: 7 Years

Score: 93

Baker's Bourbon finally received a much needed makeover. With Jim Beam offering other great products such as Booker's and Knob Creek Single Barrel, Baker's seemed to fall by the wayside. Jim Beam decided to shift Baker's from a small batch bourbon to a single barrel. The age statement of 7 years, as well as the proof (107), did not change.

Jim Beam has already seen the changes pay off, as Baker's 7 Single Barrel was listed as a Top 20 Whisky of 2019 by Whiskey Advocate.

On the nose, I get sweet vanilla, oak, and baking spices. Many in the bourbon community believe there is a common Jim Beam nuttiness note across all of its brands. I believe this Baker's bottle is no different. Those same notes come through on the palate. Although, the more I sat with it, the more I started picking up chocolate chip banana bread. Banana nut bread might be a more accurate description. This pour has a medium finish that follows the same notes as the nose and palate. The baking spice increases on the finish as well.

The bourbon itself is great, in my opinion, but I believe at this price point, there are are a few other options that I might select first. Either way, this bottle would be a great addition to your collection. Cheers!

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