Russell's Reserve 13 Year 2022 Release

Jul 10, 2022

Last year Wild Turkey released a 13 Year Barrel Strength Russell's Reserve bottling. It came and went. There were mixed reviews on the product, but that didn't stop it from being sold at insanely high secondary prices.

They announced that there will be a second batch to this limited release product that should be hitting shelves soon. Although I personally never got a chance to try the first batch, I will continue hunting for the second and hopefully be able to provide a full review.

This release actually makes me think about the Knob Creek 15 Year annual releases. Prior to those annual releases, you could find plenty of barrel picks that were aged 14 or 15 years. Once the 15 Year release hit, you almost always just see 9 or 10. I would assume that those barrels that were once used for barrel picks, were being held back in order for Jim Beam to bottle the 15 Year release. Ever since Wild Turkey announced their release of the Russell's 13 Year, I have noticed a shortage in my area of Russell's Reserve Single Barrel bottles.

Hopefully I can find this bottle this year and see if it's worth the hype! Cheers!